The smart fence system

Whether private property, sports field, kindergarten, pasture or industrial plant - easyfence offers almost unlimited design options for your fence.

High stability and noble optics

Our easyfence fences made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride are an easy-care alternative to wood without having to drop aesthetic standards. With the combination of weather resistance, functionality and highquality appearance, our easyfence fence system meets the requirements that are placed on a durable quality product, with the design options being practically unlimited. Thus easyfence fence systems are the optimal synthesis between functionality, robustness and high-quality optics.

We can completely refute the classic reservation about plastic fences, insufficient stability! All easyfence plastic fences can be reinforced from the inside with a metal profile. Our plastic fences are in no way inferior to variants made of solid materials in terms of stability. Another misconception is that plastic fences look “cheap” compared to metal or wood fences. If you use low-quality goods, this may be true, but rest assured: easyfence plastic fences convince with first-class workmanship and are of high quality.

The processing of the easyfence products is simple and uncomplicated. You can saw, drill and screw without hesitation and use commercially available metal and woodworking machines.