heat line - PE-RT heating pipes

The PE-RT pipes of the MSW heat line (non-crosslinked polyethylene for hot water applications) are an economical alternative to the established PE-X pipes. Originally mainly limited to the field of underfloor heating pipes, today's PE-RT materials offer a wide range of applications. However, the very flexible material has significant advantages especially for heating applications.

Applications for MSW heat line - PE-RT:

  • Industrial area as surface heating
  • Agricultural area as piglet nest heating and piglet rearing
  • Biogas area as fermenter heating

heat line - PE-RT advantages are obvious:

  • easy installation
  • low linear expansion
  • easily bendable
  • oxygen impermeable
  • dimensionally stable
  • deposit-free
  • low weight
  • resistant to chemicals


  • max. operating temperature: 70°C
  • max. operating pressure: 6 bar (FHB standard operating pressure max. 4 bar)
  • Coefficient of linear expansion 0.02 mm/mK
  • Oxygen diffusion DIN 4726 <0.1 mg/l g

We are happy to produce special dimensions and colours according to your wishes.


MSW thermal tacker needles

Of course we also offer you the matching MSW thermal tacker needles for our PE-RT pipes (12 to 20 mm). These are fixed by an adhesive strip and are suitable for all commercially available tackers.


heat-line PE-RT heating pipe