aqua line - PE-HD drinking water pipes

The drinking water pipes of the MSW aqua-line are made of high-quality PE-80 or PE-100 and are manufactured according to DIN EN 12201 and with DVGW approval, No. DW-8136CL0317. They bear batch markings.

  • Standard lengths: 6 m / 12 m rods or 50 m / 100 m coils
  • Colour: PE80 black (RAL 9004) with blue stripes (RAL 5012) or coextruded jacket (RAL 5012)
  • Colour: PE100 black (RAL 9004) with blue stripes (RAL 5005) or coextruded jacket (RAL 5005)


aqua-line PE80 drinking water pipe

aqua-line PE100 drinking water pipe