tec line - PE 100 waste water pipes

The MSW tec line sewage pipes are also made of high-quality PE-100 material and thus ensure the highest quality standards. Our PE-HD sewage pipes are subject to internal quality assurance. Batch identification guarantees 100% traceability. Our PE-HD wastewater pipes are subject to both continuous internal quality assurance and external quality monitoring by SKZ-TeConA GmbH. The sewage pressure pipe is not only characterised by its high chemical resistance, but also by its long service life. Further advantages are: easy handling, high flexibility, high load capacity.

Delivery forms:

  • Ringbundware: 50 m bzw. 100 m Ringbunde bei SDR 11
  • Stangenware: 6 m bzw. 12 m
  • Durchmesser 32 mm bis 75 mm auch auf Trommel lieferbar
  • Standardfarbe: schwarz (RAL 9004) mit braunen Streifen (RAL 8023)

Our specifications: Standards and guidelines

  • DE DIN 8074 / 8075
  • DIN EN 12201-3:2011-11
  • SKZ externally monitored according to HR 3.40:2008-08

tec-line PE sewage pressure pipes