protect line - PE-HD cable protection pipes

The pipes of the MSW protect line consist of high-quality polyethylene. Our PE-HD pipes are suitable for classic direct burial, trenchless construction and other laying techniques. MSW products stand for very high quality in many sectors of the construction industry.
- Dimension (ø): 20 mm - 180 mm
- Main applications: Telecommunications, data, signal and energy transmission
- Material: PE-HD
- Quality requirements: DIN 16874
- Inner surface: smooth or longitudinally grooved
- Form of delivery: ring collar ø 20 - 160 mm, rod ø 20 - 225 mm,
- single + multiple drum ø 20 - 110 mm

protect-line PE-HD cable protection pipes

PE-HD quality standards

Applications protect line - PE-HD pipes

The universal and versatile use of protective tubes


City roads

Urban roadsIn inner-city traffic areas, it is necessary to lay a double train of cable protection pipes at crossroads and underneath roads that lead into the city. A longitudinal cable protection pipe should also be considered for a "green wave" and a "speed funnel" on main roads.



The line connection of emergency call pillars to the motorway maintenance depot is usually one-sided, whereby the emergency call pillar opposite is connected through a spur line under the carriageway. A cable protection tube must be provided for this connection.




Traffic guidance systems

Traffic guidance systems with variable message signs can be found on busy motorways in conurbations. They are used to control speeds and prevent traffic jams. Here, cable protection tube systems are used for the necessary control lines.


Railway facilities

For rapidly changing technical requirements for control and signal lines that are parallel to rail tracks, the use of cable protection tubes is recommended.




Country roads

At signal-controlled intersections on federal or country roads, at least two cable protection conduit strings are installed under each street that joins the road. This method allows separate laying of power supply and control lines of the traffic light system.


Communication lines

Since the development of telephone, Internet, multimedia connections as well as television and radio systems in the future can hardly be predicted, the verifiable advantages of a cable conduit system should be taken into account for this area.